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July / August 2020

Winter classes coming soon!

There's Never A "Wrong Time" to Start Learning

The arts are a significant part of a student's growth. Whether your child is a kindergartener or an eighth-grader, the arts sharpen critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, and discipline.  Fine arts can improve a child's character, and help them find their true passions.

Film Reels


These classes will teach students the basics of filmmaking, and they will be able to make their own! They will study the filmmaking process, how to write their own script, different camera angles, and how to edit their short films. The other seminar will learn how to make their own YouTube channel!


This class will teach students how to write an original song. They will be taught different techniques of writing, and how they can incorporate lyrics into a song. By the end of this session, they will have their own song, and they will know how to write more! 

These piano classes are available with divisions of two age groups. Select classes will learn the basics of piano, or piano hits. Each class is filled with lots of learning and fun.  Your child will have a great time studying all about this intriguing instrument.

Art is one of the basics of Fine Arts. Our classes will focus on drawing. Younger kids will learn how to draw realistic-looking animals, while older kids learn how to draw people. Each course is filled with different styles and techniques.

Dance is a great way to exercise your child excitingly and healthily! Each child will learn a fully choreographed dance to a select song. It's an upbeat, medium level choreography.

Singing is something ANY child can master with practice! In our courses, we have divisions of two age groups. Both groups will be learning popular songs from 2018-2020. They will learn professional techniques and how to take their own liberties with the songs they study.



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