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Be Your Own Artist Co.

Free Online Fine Arts Summer Camp

There's Never A "Wrong Time" to Start Learning

The arts are a significant part of a student's growth. Whether your child is a kindergartener or an eleventh-grader, the arts sharpen critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, and discipline.  Fine arts can improve a child's character, and help them find their true passions.

Online Guitar Class

Class Divisions

Here at BYOA, classes are divided by age and difficulty level. Our ages range from 6-16, but most classes are divided from 6-11 and 12-16. Not all classes start at age 6 such as filmmaking, screenwriting, acting, music production, songwriting, etc. If a class specifies a certain age group, no exceptions can be made. If a class does not have age division, it has a difficulty division. Certain classes such as dance (contemporary & hip-hop), piano, and guitar are divided between beginner and intermediate. Any age can sign up for any difficulty level concerning those classes.

Lessons With an Array of Different Fine Arts

We include a variety of different fine arts that we teach. These include singing, songwriting, photography, art, acting, screenwriting, guitar, piano, dance (hip hop and contemporary), music production, Make Your Own YouTube Channel, and filmmaking.

Online Class

Listen to Our Students

"Tutors work well with children. Loved that it was interactive, simultaneously giving the children space and time to analyze and grasp. Kahoot quiz being fun and interactive, helped the tutor quickly understand and evaluate what the students are able to follow and where the challenges are while it lets students learn new things; have some fun and see where they stand. It brings more interest. Overall, the classes were both educational and entertaining and everything was carried out smoothly and systematically. You guys ROCK!!!"

Neil Deepak

"BYOA really impacted me, I could really apply the skills I learned in every other area. It gave me a new view of the arts because I got to learn a lot of new things. Like if I learned about filmmaking, and if I was recording a video for school or something, then I have a really good understanding of how to make a good video."

Poorv Ramchandani

“Kids enjoyed the session. All the staffs are doing a great job.”

Renee Catherine

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