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Fun Friday

Fun Friday is a simple way to add more enjoyment to the courses. Each Friday  (10-15 minutes at the end of the class) our staff will do small activities with the kids. Elementary schoolers get to do a show-and-tell the first week of their course. This could help them get to know their peers better, and become friends with people from across the country. During the second week, elementary schoolers will be able to play "Kahoot!" to go over everything they've learned over the past two weeks. Middle/high schoolers will play a game related to their course on the first Thursday, then a "Kahoot!" on their last day of the course.

End-of-Course Recital &


After each two-week course comes to an end, each child will have the option to sign up for the virtual recital. At the recital, they can show off everything they've learned to their parents and peers. These will be held the Saturday after each course ends (right after the last day). There will also be competitions (more information soon).

Technique Games

Technique games are a wonderful way to sharpen their skills. We will include these during some classes. These range from fast piano games to so much more! Students can practice these at home- as a fun and easy way to practice their craft!

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